Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Short Men Can Never Be Recruited In The Military Or The Police Force

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Being short is equal to being cursed. Simply put: when you are short, you get shortchanged in about everything. When, for example, you scroll on the lonely heart section of the newspapers, women are searching for tall, dark handsome and financially stable men. Am yet to find a lonely women-mind you nobody wants them in the first place and that’s why they are lonely-looking for a short dark handsome man. This script replays in other professions like modeling and working in the airline industry.

And did you know why the military and the police force abhor recruiting short men?

Short Men Have Anger Management Issues

Growing up I wanted to join the armed forces to protect and serve my country from external aggressors. I watched action military movies with much gusto and even simulated some of the drills. Then reality dawned on me years later when I took part in the recruitment process. I was among the first batch to be dismissed given that I stood at only 5’4 ft tall. On inquiry, I was told my height was my undoing. Apparently short men are known for their anger and cannot be trusted with a weapon. Only 0.1% of members of the Embu community are in the armed forces courtesy of their diminutive physique.

Don’t Command Respect

A police officer must be able to command respect and install fear on criminals. Physical presence plays a vital role in achieving the aforementioned. A police officer the size of ‘Inspekta Mwala’ can easily be dismissed or roughed up by criminals in a real life situation.

Cannot ‘See’ Far

A source in the military told me that soldiers must have the ability to ‘see’ enemies from afar. Being short, he went on to explain, means that your view is limited. ‘A soldier must see far like a giraffe’, the soldier man told me.

Handling Of Guns

Kenyan police officers walk around with G3s rifles and AK 47s. These guns, unlike pistols, are ‘longer’ making it complex for diminutives to handle them.

Too Augmentative

Researchers aver that a common augmentative DNA strain seems to run in short men. It is said short-men crave for attention and want to prove their relevance thus their augmentative nature. The armed force is about taking orders which diminutives will not readily take without putting a fight.

While some of the reasons given above are absurd, that is the sad reality. Even homeowners prefer watchmen who are taller. This is the reason why you should work doubly hard to prove your worth if you are short.

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