You Have One Week To Apologize To Elders, Kipsigis Elders Tell DP Ruto


Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President has been given a week to issue a public apology to Kipsigis Council of Elders for undermining leaders from the region.

The infuriated elders asked the DP to show respect and tolerance to other leaders who hold contrary views from his.

They went on to castigate him for his vicious attack on Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto who has decamped to Mashinani Party of Kenya from the newly formed Jubilee Party.

He said such unchecked insults did not augur well with the voters from the populous South Rift region.

According to the council vice chairman William Ketienya, who was speaking to Chamgei FM, the DP was wrong on castigating Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto everytime he toured the county.

They gave the DP a one week ultimatum to issue an apology or face unspecified action.

Ketieny was quoted as saying:

“The community is not going to benefit in any way if the leaders continue to engage in politics of insults, they need to look for an agreeable solution to their differences and work together as a team”

The Governor has rubbished the newly formed Jubilee Party saying he won’t be part of it.

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