Friday, November 4, 2016

Churchil Should Just Give Us One Very Long Break

Churchil Live Show
Churchil In A Past Show

Fact. Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchil aka Mwalimu Kingangi is arguably Kenya’s greatest comedian. Another obvious fact-Churchil Live Show is one of the most watched program on TV until recently. The show, now running on a prolonged 3rd season, was the reason why Sundays were special. They rightly say laughter is the best medicine.

The first season of the Show started on a high with flesh deprived Eric Omondi being the main act. Thereafter the show became a breeding ground to some of the best comedians in the country. That was all good. Churchil was basking in glory. Corporates were all over the place to be associated with brand Churchil.

Then he became stale. His once popular show has become so laborious to watch. Churchil Live Show is morphing to something that ceased to be comedy-maybe a talk show at best. The funny man stopped being funny-it’s almost painful watching him attempt to deliver his punchlines. Then every so often Kenyans have to be reminded about Churchil’s long journey to superstardom. Yes, his story is interesting but when repeated over and over it becomes a nuisance.

So what can Churchil do to redeem his brand? For starters, the show must take a break-and a long one for that matter. Secondly, he should pave way for a fresh and able comedian to host Churchil live. MC Jessy has proved to be a genius and would be a worthy replacement to Churchil. Prof Hammo is fast losing his luster but he can be groomed to host Churchil Raw.

During the break, Churchil can be scouting for fresh talents. It is indeed sad that our comedians cannot deliver their punchlines in English narrowing their audience to Kenyans and maybe Tanzanians. Comedians who can effectively deliver their jokes in English will be a breath of fresh air to the show.

It must be remembered that RedyKulass was the most watched comedy show in Kenya at one point. The trio of Mongare, Njuguna and Kiarie made life bearable under the repressive regime of former President Daniel Arap Moi.

Today, very few people remember the genius of the trio. Churchil is treading on that path.

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