Saturday, November 5, 2016

H_art The Band Popularly Known For ‘Uliza Kiatu’ Hit Are Living Like Beggars

Uliza Kiatu hitmakers

When H_art The Band were composing ‘Uliza Kiatu’ they probably did not know how the song would aptly relate to their current predicament.

The boy band went ahead to release Nikikutazama that became nearly as big as ‘Uliza Kiatu’. The trio were proving to be a force to reckon with and were threatening to eclipse Sauti Soul.

Their fortunes started dwindling fast and the blame was squarely laid on their record label Penya Africa. According to a well placed source, Penya Africa was interested on pushing brand Sauti Soul at the expense of the new entrants.

H_art the band released a number of jams that to date haven’t been released. With shows drying and no new releases to keep them relevant translating to fewer shows-if any, the once formidable group was reduced to a financial mess.

Mid this year the trio took to social media to express their frustration:

“Our best feeling is sharing our life's experiences through our music. Our happiness comes when our family (#teamH_art) listens, relates and loves our jams”

“Truth is, we have so many recorded jams and for a while we have been so silent but it's not by free will but working under a Label can be quite stressing.

“Our Label Penya Africa has been withholding our songs for quite a long time. They don't want us to release with the excuse that it's not the right time. But, today we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will be releasing music non-stop with/without their consent” 

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The group members now survive on handouts from wellwishers.

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