Thursday, November 3, 2016

Meet The Doctors Who Separated Conjoined Twins And Wrote Off Sh105.5 Million Medical Bill

The conjoined twins when they arrived at KNH

It took sixty Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) specialists to successfully separate conjoined twins in a delicate 23 hour operation-a first in Kenya and the region.

The twins arrived at KNH for specialized treatment on 5th September 2014 accompanied with their mother Caroline Mukiri from Kiiru Mission Hospital in Meru County.

After the successful procedure, the elated mother of the siamese twins told a leading daily:

“At least I can now smile, I thank God and also the team that was in the theater and assured me that God was in control. I relaxed when I saw that they all had great faith in God and when the surgery ended and my girls were separated, I was very happy. Now I am so excited because they have been taken out of the life support machine and are breathing on their own”

Caroline Mukiri
KNH issued a statement stating that they have written off Sh105.5 million medical bill for the successful separation of the twins.

Here is the team of specialist who conducted the successful procedure.

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