Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Following Churches Ban Willy Paul, Size 8 & Ringtone Songs From Ever Playing In Their Churches

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The more conservative Churches in Kenya can no longer stomach music from the new crop of the so called ‘gospel’ artists.

It is alleged that Church ministers are now irked by the secularization of the gospel by the likes of Size 8, Willy Paul and Rington through their message deprived songs.

This has further been compounded by Willy Msafi and Size 8 song titled ‘Tiga Wana’ (Stop being kiddish) that has over 300,000 views on You Tube.

Rington has come under sharp criticism for bragging about his wealth-a trait that is not in tandem with the Christian faith. His braggadocio and claims that he partakes the frothy liquids has not gone done well with the men of the cloth.

Gospel artist have been advised to emulate the likes of Solomon Mkubwa, Mary Atieno, Christine Shusho, Angela Chibalonza.

A pastor who talked to this writer in confidence termed music from most of these new crop of artists as rubbish devoid of any Christian values.

Here are the churches that won’t play or invite Willy Paul, Size 8 and Rington in their churches:

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Catholic Church

Anglican Church Of Kenya

Full Gospel Churches of Kenya

Redeemed Church of Kenya

Video of Lady Nana Secular Turned Gospel Artist

These are some of the churches that have advised the artists to take their music to clubs….

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