Friday, December 2, 2016

Have Never Said Am A Gospel Artist, Willy Paul Hits Back

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Controversial laden artist Willy Paul has hit back at his critics for labeling him as a gospel artist. Willy Paul has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons courtesy of his songs and character in general.

His collaboration with Size 8 ‘Tiga Wana’ has widely been condemned as a secular song deprived of any Christian values.

A little birdie told this writer how the artist pleaded with her to tag along a friend to his place for a threesome-claims that we cannot independently verify.

Reached for comment, Willy Paul said that he thrives on scandals and wonders where the notion of him being a gospel artist emanated from.

'Willy Paul doesn't even go to church; his moral standing is below par and I wonder why people call him a gospel artist' our source revealed.

Just recently Willy Paul lashed at a fan who questioned his moral standing calling him all manners of unprintable. The chat between the artist and fan made heavy rotation on social media.

Here is how it went showing clearly they is nothing really 'msafi' with Willy:

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