10 Common Mistakes New Parents Make


By Luciah Kamau
Being a first time parent is no walk in the park. It takes dedication, patience and love to mould a young being into a responsible adults. Advice from other parents and online resources can prove handy in helping you as a new parent. We take a look at some of the major mistakes news mothers make and how to best remedy them.

Panicking and getting worried over anything and everything

Approximately 98% of the new parents panic as their newborns spit up, vomit or do other things that babies do. They ask themselves questions like: is the baby crying too much? Is the baby breastfeeding well? Is the baby spitting too much? All this is normal to a child, therefore, new parents should not worry much. It is very important to enjoy the first year with the child and in that, you will get to learn more about your baby.

Not allowing your baby cry it out

As a baby cries, that does not mean that something is wrong at that time, sometimes it’s their way of communication and a simple cuddle would soothe them. You can perfectly feed your baby, put on clean diapers on them, sing for them but they still cry as if you have pinched them or something.
If the baby persists on crying and has the fever or maybe she has a swollen tummy or rushes, please take her to a pediatrician.

Waking the baby up to breastfeed

This is new mothers but its best for a baby to sleep the whole night. Parents suggest that the breast milk is not thick enough to get the baby through-out the night. Breast feeding the baby before they sleep is healthy and gives you time to rest as well.

Confusing spit-up and vomit

There is a difference between spit-up and vomit. Spit-up can fly across the room and occurs while the baby is breast feeding while vomit occurs after some minutes if the baby has the gastrointestinal virus. This causes the baby to vomit time and again.
If vomit persists, its important to take your child to a pediatrician for a check-up.

Difference between sweating and having a fever for a newborn

Babies below 3 months should not be given syrup unless directed by a pediatrician.
If the baby feels warm, take the temperature and if the temperature is above 100.4, call your pediatrician.

Not properly installing the car seat

Your child’s life while in a car depends on how the car seat has been installed. Get some help from someone who knows how to install it or go to the garage and get it done.

Neglecting oral care

Most parents start thinking of the baby’s oral health when it’s too late. Once the baby is breastfeeding, it all starts here. Take a soft clean thin towel and dip one of its sides in warm water and wipe the baby’s gum. After a year you can introduce a toothbrush. It is important to give your baby some water since it has fluoride that helps to prevent cavities.

Ignoring your marriage

This happens to most marriages. Most parents forget their couples since their focus is on their new born. Do not allow this to happen because at this moment is when you get to magnify any weakness in that marriage after having a first baby. Do not zone out in the baby’s absence. That’s your time together.

Fighting in front of your baby

Never underestimate the age of your child, avoid quarrels and frequent fights in their presence as this bring fear in them. Fights are there in our day to day lives but have a negative effect on babies.

Trusting unreliable sources for parenting advice

Parents make mistakes when they get medical advice from friends or wherever they source it out. If you need any medical advice just call your pediatrician. For any other advice just be careful because that’s your child’s life.


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