Raila Senior Advisor Goes Into Hiding Fearing For His Life Hours To Election


The chief advisor to Kenya’s opposition coalition party NASA Salim Lone has revealed that he fled the country for fear of his life. However, he said that he had not been physically threatened.


Speaking to journalists, Salim Lone confided that he chose to check out of the country after the killing of a senior IEBC official just days prior to the polls day.


Lone was chief advisor to NASA coalition and played a critical role in NASA’s communication strategy.


Salim reiterated that his departure from the country had not hampered his duties. He was still in direct contact with the campaign team even when he is away in New York.

“Because of my personal safety, I had no choice but to leave. But of course I am in touch and working 100% with the campaign team,” he told The Standard.

Salim accused the ruling party for plotting to assassinate him the same way as IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando. He went on to say his coming back to Kenya is dependent on Raila Odinga being elected President on 8th of August.

Sounding a little bit boastful, Salim claims that his political and communication strategies had outwitted that of Odinga’s rivals. He said that he had been branded a go-between linkman between Raila Odinga and the diplomatic circles including international media moguls.


On It was in June 2017 when NASA revealed Salim Lone as their chief advisor on matters of strategic communication. The communication involved advanced way in which NASA principals coded their messages and they way they were propagated from their rallies.


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