Violence Erupts In Kisumu After Uhuru Was Announced President Three Reportedly Killed


Police  descended on Kisumu residents with brutal force for participating in protests minutes after Uhuru Kenyatta was announced as President by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairman Wafula Chebukati.

Photos shared on social media attest to the brutality meted on the agitated protesters. Police reportedly used live bullets to deal with protestors who were engaging them in running battles. It is still unclear the number of casualties from the Friday night fracas.

A series of tweets from Nancy Okutah portrayed a scenario straight from the war torn Syria (We cannot share some of those pictures as they may offend our readers). She claimed that police officers were using helicopter gunship to spray bullets to crowds in Kisumu.

A bus belonging to Easy Coach was stoned by the marauding youths.

Her tweet read:

Afew hours ago, police were using copter gunship to spray bullets to crowds in Kisumu

Another tweet read:
Police using a chopper to track Kisumu residents who have intentions of protesting peacefully, currently teargassing people in estates

Jack Brian Ong’anya tweeted:

Kisumu, Kondele, Obunga areas..police are shooting civilians, so far 15 people are dead
The mainstream media has come under sharp criticism for giving the extra-judicial killings by the police a total blackout.

President Uhuru Kenyatta urged Kenyans to live harmoniously saying the elections were now over after being announced the winner. He said:

“Reach out to your neighbour, shake their hand and tell them elections are now over, politicians come and go, but we are still good neighbours – President Uhuru M. Kenyatta”.

“I would like to thank my worthy competitor Raila Odinga and extend a hand of friendship. We are citizens of one country,” the President said.

Uhuru garnered 8,203,990 votes against his rival NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s who managed 6,762,224 votes.

He implored Raila Odinga and other opposition leaders to work with him.


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