Inside Wanjigi’s Bunker That The Elite Recce Squad Failed To Gain Access


By Brian Odhiambo

Billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has been trending this week for all the wrong reasons after an assortment of deadly weapons were found-or planted according to who you ask-in his Nairobi and Mombasa homes.

The police officers drawn from the Special Crime Prevention Unit (SCPU) and the elite Recce squad recovered M4 military rifle, five pistols and a shotgun at his Muthaiga address.

What, however, caught the attention of Kenyans is how secure the home of one of the main financiers of NASA is.
Recce squad, an equivalent of US Swat team, was expected to take minutes to flush out the businessman from his hideout given their level of expertise in dealing with such situations.

Breaking the main entrance to the imposing house took them hours as they threatened, cajoled and pleaded with Wanjigi’s to open the door.

Armed with sledgehammers, tear gas canisters and tool boxes, the officers appeared to have an idea of where the man of the house was hiding. The destruction, captured on camera, that followed showed how frustrated the officers were.

Meanwhile, Wanjigi was locked up in his strong-room probably following the destruction inside his house on CCTV cameras. So what makes the billionaire bunker this safe and how did he manage to survive for three days without leaving his hideout?

Most bunkers are self-contained with all the amenities available. This means Wanjigi had running water, food, toilet and whatever else he needed to survive.

Such A Bunker Can Go For Kes 6 Million

Bunker doors are bullet proof and extremely strong making it almost impossible to break in with sledgehammers and other crude weapons.

The elite officers had to finally leave the compound ending a 72 hour siege at the home of the untouchable businessman.


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