List Of Powerful Individuals Banned From NTV By Larry Madowo


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NTV news anchor Larry Madowo is a man who seems to thrive on controversy. He has a knack of making enemies with so much ease that one would suspect he enjoys it.

Larry, who also host the popular Side Bar Show, came under sharp criticism for banning-yes banning!-Miguna Miguna from his shows on NTV. Earlier in the program, Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr had asked Madowo to be professional in the manner he was conducting the interview.

The moderator has been accused of injecting his guests’ everytime they try to make a point. That said, we take a look at the powerful individuals who Larry Madowo has banned from his shows.

Moses Kuria-Gatundu South MP
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has a mouth that runs on poison. Whatever he spews-directed at a particular tribe-is so acerbic and his bosses seem to edge him on. Kuria once walked out of The Big Question interview after an altercation with host Hussein Mohammed. The respected Citizen TV anchor pinned down the legislator to come out clean on a clip doing rounds on social media where he was urging people to slash anyone opposed to the NYS project. While Hussein did not ban Kuria, his fellow news anchor at NTV told Kuria he was not welcome any of his shows. He shared this on tweeter:
“Moses Kuria is not welcome on any of shows I’m hosting. He does not respect me or my colleagues and I’ve told him as much”
List Of Powerful Individuals Banned From NTV By Larry Madowo
Davido-Nigerian Artist

One can be forgiven to think Madowo is a majority shareholder in Nation Media Group or the Messi of the station. Before he moved to Sidebar, Larry Madowo hosted the Trend-a popular show with the youth. He was so good at it but his diva ways were evident every so often. This was best exemplified when he banned Nigerian superstar Davido for being disinterested and rude. He gave a long explanation on his Monday column on Nation Daily why he had banned the Nigerian from his show.

Miguna Miguna-Former Nairobi gubernatorial candidate

You need shock absorbers if you invite a guest like Miguna Miguna to your show. The popular SideBar started well until the moderator attempted to stamp his authority. Madowo sought clarification whenever Miguna seemed to make controversial statements. Then it degenerated into a war of words with the barrister telling Larry not to invite him to show if he kept on injecting him. Madow responded: “Don’t come back to my show!”.


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