Is This The Music Video Of The Year..?


Kenyan Music Video Of The Year

By Caren Mwaniki

This is the music video you will find yourself replaying over and over. The setting is simple, lyrics catchy and the cast is super in synch giving ‘Unanitesa’ video by the talented Sara Nanaa featuring Totti that oomph deficient in local music productions.

‘Unanitesa’ is shot in a remote location involving a young couple with marital woes. The husband, ably played by Totti, is a heavy drinker who has no time for his family.

Nanaa puts her acting skills in good use as she plays the submissive wife who has to put up an alcoholic husband. The back and forth between the couples gives the video that real touch to the reality that is marriage.

The climax of the well scripted ‘Unanitesa ‘ video is when the protagonists families met to settle the family dispute.

The song imbues family values and the challenges young couples undergo in an African setting. So far, the video is commanding over 70,000 views plus on YouTube since it was released on October 8.


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