Actor Nick Mutuma Accused Of Sexual Harassment


By Grace Mukami
Celebrated actor Nick Mutuma has joined a rather long unenviable list of celebrities accused of sexually assaulting women.

It is alleged that the actor tried to force a defenseless lady into his hotel room even after she said no to his advances.

The victim’s boyfriend took to social media to share details of what happened on that fateful night. According to Koome Gitobu, he had left his girlfriend who was in the company of her friend in a city hotel. Nick Mutuma, maybe taking advantage of his absence, joined the two ladies at their table.

He then reportedly tried to seduce the lady to accompany him to his hotel room for a night of merry making, she declined. The actor become aggressive after the lady turned down his persistent overtures.

Koome in another tweet stated:

And I think this is what has me the most upset. That people like Nick Mutuma can s3x@lly harass girls and get away with it. Because they’re so afraid to speak up against a “bigwig” in society. Afraid that him & his friends can come after her and destroy her reputation.

Social media users castigated the actor while others defended him. Here are some of the responses to the accusations:

Nick has not responded to the accusations leveled against him.

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