Aden Duale Backyard Has The Worst Roads-Video


National Assembly Leader Aden Duale has made a name for himself as a Jubilee Party stalwart who is ready to come to the defense of President Uhuru Kenyatta whenever he comes under attack from the opposition.

The vocal Garissa Township MP has been criticized for not employing the same enthusiasm he uses to defend President Uhuru Kenyatta to agitate for passable roads to his constituency.

Video Courtesy of VOA
Traveling by road to Garissa is a nightmarish experience made worse when it rains. The experience of VOA Hubbah Abdi paints a picture of gloom and peril passengers face using that route due to the bad roads.

Motorists have to spend days on the road when it rains and their vehicles get stuck in mud. Passengers face the possibility of being attacked by Al shabaab militants lurking in the densely forested area.

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