Late Captain Malowa Rural Home Becomes Talking Point On Social Media


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The late Captain Apollo Malowa lived his life to the fullest. The 34 year pilot met his untimely death in a helicopter crash in Lake Nakuru on October 20. Four passengers aboard the chopper also perished.

According to his friends and acquaintances, Malowa  was a man of the people whose generosity did not know bounds. Malowa’s brother described him as “kind and selfless”.

Fredrick said of his elder brother: “There is no word to describe how much we love you and miss you. Your love and sunshine brought cheer and laughter; you were kind and selfless to the very end.”

Captain Malowa Gravesite In His Homestead

This seemed to be the running theme during his mass that was held at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in South B. Malowa rubbed shoulders with ‘who is who’ in Kenya and East Africa but did not forget the less fortunate.

Malowa’s Body Being Airlifted To His Rural Home For Burial

Kenyans on social media, however, have decided to demonize a man who was loved and respected by those close to him. One of his critics pointed at Malowa’s rural home wondering why he never had a decent house.

The popular social media user questioned why he was buried immediately his body left the mortuary against traditions.
His post read:

Loosely translated:

“I wonder why he was buried immediately his body left the morgue. …He doesn’t have a wife or a house. Drunk slays queens of the deceased have filled the homestead”, his post read.

Social media users have made it an habit to paint successful people in bad light for whatever reason. Trust Kenyans to meddle in the affairs that don’t concern them.

Rest In Peace Malowa


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