This Is Raila Odinga’s Source Of Unhappiness At His Home


Nasa leader Raila Odinga is arguably one of the most influential leader in Kenya and Africa by extension. He enjoys a near fanatical following in almost all parts of the country and is viewed by his supporters as the latter day Nelson Mandela.

The former Prime Minister has, however, been keeping a strong façade, atleast in the public eye, while dealing with a sick daughter who showed potential of taking after him when he retires from active politics. Rosemary Odinga was early this year admitted at the Aga Khan Hospital before being flown to a South African health facility to remove a tumor in her brain.

Reports at the time indicated that she underwent surgery at the Aga Khan Hospital where the meningioma was removed before being flown to South Africa. The 39 year old spent nearly three months out of the country as specialists monitored her.

When meningioma grows and presses into the brain it causes blindness, problems with movements and a host of other complications. Rosemary Odinga is said to be sickly and that’s why she never appears in public rallies with her father.

Tomorrow’s issue of the Nairobian details the struggle the NASA leader has to contend with knowing his daughter is sick as he continues with his quest to oust President elect Uhuru Kenyatta from power.

Rosemary who was active on social media before she was taken ill last updated her Facebook page on June 1 during the Madaraka Day celebrations.

Wishing Rosemary Odinga quick recovery.

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