African Leaders Expected To Attend Uhuru Kenyatta Swearing In Ceremony


By Brian Odhiambo

The just concluded October 26 repeat presidential poll has left Kenyans more divided following the decision by the main Opposition coalition to boycott the election. Uhuru Kenyatta August 8 win was voided by the Supreme Court judges in a landmark ruling that left the President seething with rage. His victory in the repeat poll has been stained by the National Super Alliance (NASA) boycott of the election and a sustained campaign to paint him as a President of two communities. Uhuru handlers are now keen to convince respected world leaders to attend his swearing in ceremony in a bid to sanitize his presidency.

We take a look at the Head of States who will attend Uhuru Kenyatta Swearing In Ceremony.

Paul Kagame-Rwanda

Kenya relationship with Rwanda has been mutual and it is widely expected Paul Kagame will honor the invite.

Yoweri Museveni-Uganda

He was the first Head of State to congratulate President elect Uhuru Kenyatta. The Ugandan strongman won’t miss the swearing in ceremony.

Jacob Zuma-South Africa

The South African President has a cordial relationship with his Kenyan counterpart. He is expected to be one of the guests attending Uhuru Kenyatta’s Swearing In Ceremony.

Muhammadu Buhari-Nigeria

His health has been frail at best and it is yet to be seen if he will make to Nairobi on November 21 for Uhuru’s swearing in ceremony.

Angela Merkel-Chancellor German

It is highly doubtful if German Chancellor Angela Merkel will make it to Nairobi for Uhuru’s big day. This is the kind of leader Uhuru will want in his inauguration for obvious reasons and not the likes of Burudia dictator Pierre Nkurunziza.

Pierre Nkurunziza-Burundi

He will attend although Uhuru’s handlers would prefer he stays away.

Theresa May-United Kingdom Prime Minister

Uhuru’s legitimacy will receive a major boost if Theresa May agrees to attend his inauguration.

Xi Jinping-China

Because of the vast business interest by China, Xi Jinping may fly to the country for Uhuru Kenyatta Swearing In Ceremony.

Other leaders expected include former Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi, former Ghana President John Mahama and businessman Aliko Dangote.

Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli is not expected to attend the ceremony. His relationship with the Jubilee administration has been icy.

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