I Will Spill Beans On Repeat Polls If Not Appointed CS, Western Defector Threatens Jubilee


The fight for a slot in the yet to be constituted Cabinet is taking a rather ugly shape that may end up exposing the Jubilee Party in bad light.

Leaders from Western Kenya who defected from the Opposition to work with Jubilee have been jostling for positions after losing their seats.

According to SDE, an unnamed defector has threatened to reveal what transpired before and after the elections if plans to sideline him from a cabinet secretary slot are made good.

The legislator, whose description best fit an ex-ODM legislator, demanded to be respected and given what he deserves for playing Jubilee point man in the region.

The former legislator was quoted by the same publication saying:

“We are aware of the fisi in Jubilee who wants to use every opportunity to get women. I refuse, he will not use my hard-earned slot to get sex.”

“If they are not careful, they will spoil the party because there are things we don’t want the public to know, otherwise the country will never take us seriously,”
the legislator went on to say.

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