Ababu Allegedly Declines KWS Board Member Seat Demands For CS Position As Promised


Ex-Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba has declined an appointment as a Kenya Wildlife Service Board member saying it is beneath his status, Venas.co.ke reports.

According to the online news outlet, the miffed Ababu demanded for a “CS position or any equivalent’’.

He rubbished the appointment saying the least he can go for is an ambassadorial position. It is alleged that the outspoken ex-MP reminded the powers that be within Jubilee that he had a stake in the Party.

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Ababu has been lobbying for a Cabinet slot after losing his seat to ODM Raphael Wanjala. The ambitious former MP joined Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party and played a major role in popularizing the party in the Western region.

Although we are able to verify the reports independently, Ababu has been keen to be awarded with a cabinet slot to remain politically relevant.

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