Six Memorable Wise Quotes By BoyChild President Cyprian Nyakundi On Feminists


Controversial straight shooting blogger Cyprian Nyakundi has effortlessly changed the narrative of a deeply divided country from politics to the moral decay perpetuated by ‘feminist’ at the expense of the boychild.

Cyprian Nyakundi meticulously tore to the body fabric of the emerging slay queen culture normalized by feminist. It was a reawakening of sorts for the boychild who had for long been under the bondage of the girl child and her many demands in exchange for ‘flesh’.

The newly sworn in unopposed President of the boychild said what most men would have wanted to express but lacked guts. Money in exchange for bodily favors is now being resisted by the menfolks.

The blogger turned boychild activists has been more popular that Uhuru and Ruto put together. Unsolicited songs in his praise have been composed. He has truly liberated the boychild and forever silenced the likes of Caroline Mutoko.

Here are the top nine wise quotes by President Cyprian Nyakundi:

On settling down with women above 27 years

Anyone above 27 is definitely a spent-cartridge and any man consciously choosing to settle with one, is doing the woman an immense favour.

On Betty Kyalo and why she should get married

Dear Betty Kyalo, use prime of ur career to leave a lasting impact. Find a husband now that you got looks to boot. Dont end up like angry feminists Ciku & Mwanyigha Soon you’ll be away from the limelight with sagging boobs like Kirigo Ng’arua & no man will wish to eat ur ass up

Cyprian responding to Cate “Actress” Kamau

Being a single mother, despite the feminized social conventions, doesn’t make you a hero; it makes you a statistic.

On Slay queens and married men

Married nigga’s, please don’t drain your family resources on Slay-Queens. Take your family for that holiday you’ve never taken them.

When Nyakundi was reported To Twitter By Feminist

Commercial s3x workers like Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Njoki Chege are greatly celebrated in today’s feminist-dominated media

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For as long as you’re not parting with financial recompense, you are trash to women.

On Adelle Onyango

Adelle Onyango gave a powerful speech against the rape culture. Pardon me for my ignorance, but who in their right mind would want to rape, let alone have consensual sex with her? Asking for a friend.

If we’ve missed a quote by Nyakundi that you find interesting, feel free to share on the comment section.

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