Ababu, Wamalwa Urged To Ekuru Aukot Shadow Cabinet


A cheeky social media user has urged fired Cabinet Secretaries to consider joining Thirdway Alliance of Kenya shadow cabinet.

This comes hours after the Thirdway Alliance took to social media to invite Kenyans who were interested to join his shadow cabinet to apply.

Uhuru only retained 6 CSs while the fate of the other 13 remains unclear. In a tweet, Abu Daud urged the CSs who will miss in Uhuru’s final lift to join Aukot’s cabinet.

Former Budalangi MP Ababu Namwamba was among the leaders from western Kenya who had been promised cabinet slots. The ex-MP has taken a studious silence after it became apparent his name may miss out on the final list of nominees to the cabinet.

“Those who miss in UK’s final list can join Aukot’s cabinet. All is not lost for Wario, Kaimenyi, Ababu, Wamalwa etc”


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