How To Find Jobs In Dubai From Kenya And Salaries


Youth unemployment rate in Kenya stands at 22.2 percent, a figure set to increase every year according to a report released by UN in 2017. This is the main reason why destinations like Dubai have become a magnet for jobseekers. Searches on google on how to find jobs in Dubai from Kenya are very popular and it forms the subject of this article.

Before you apply for that job, here is what you need to know based on accounts of Kenyans working in Dubai.

Apply Jobs Online

Veterans who have been through the hustle of finding jobs in the UAE advice jobseekers to apply for jobs online before leaving the country. Some of the trusted websites that list jobs in Dubai are and Once you have been called for that interview, remember to arrange for your accommodation. You can find valuable information on Facebook pages like Kenyans in Dubai on the issue of accommodation. Be careful of frauds.

Seek Services Of Recruitment Agencies

This is a sure bet if the recruitment agency is legit. Most of the agencies charge between Kes2,000-Kes3,000 and a further Kes70,000 to Kes120,000 if you make the cut to carter for your VISA, ticket and whatever else is needed for your new posting. Kenyans are advised to go for companies that are on a free-zone. What this means is that you will be able to change employers after six months elapse if you get a better deal elsewhere. Recruits who sign a labor Visa must work for two years before thinking of switching jobs. Breaking the contract attracts a 6 months ban. You can find recruitment agencies in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Travel To Dubai With A Visit Visa In Search Of The Job

Only the risk takers should proceed to read this. What you are essentially doing is leaving Kenya with no job offer-in local parlance ‘you are going to tarmac in a foreign country’. You will be required to visit a VISA agent in Nairobi for advice on how much it will cost you. Refer to our first point on how you can get shared accommodation from Kenyans who are already settled in Dubai. The amount will be anywhere between Kes80,000 or thereabout for your visa and return ticket. Before you leave the country make sure all your academic credentials are certified.

What You Need To Know When You Get A Job On A Visit Visa

Working on the assumption you got a job on your own; there is the little matter of the VISA. The government issues the work visa which may take a long time to process and in worst case scenario, you may end up being denied if you don’t have certified documentation. You may be forced to fly back to Kenya for a period of 3days or upto 6 months as your Visa is being processed.

All Your Documents Are In Order Before You Board The Plane To Dubai

To avoid the inconveniences in the above paragraph, ensure all your documents are in order. That is your passport, duly certified academic papers and a copy of good conduct. Have enough cash on you incase you fail to get a job within the month. The cash will be for your transport.

Medical Test Is A Must

Don’t waste travelling to the UAE if you have undergone a TB and HIV test. You won’t be employed if you are ailing from TB or living with HIV.

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