Miguna Miguna Sneaked Out Of Kenya The Day Raila Was To Be Sworn In, Kimani Wamatangi Reveals


Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has dismissed calls by self declared NRM commander Miguna Miguna to swear in NASA leader Raila Odinga as mere talk that will amount to nothing.

While expressing his views on AM Live, Wamatangi said Miguna Miguna who was donning military style fatigue had made similar pronouncements on the same show aired on NTV only to sneak out of the country when Raila was supposed to be sworn in.

In a rebuttal, Miguna Miguna said he had not mentioned the swearing in of Raila on that day but had only talked about the welcoming party of the NASA leader from his trip abroad.

“…I never mentioned about swearing in…but am going to talk about it today. On that day I was talking about the welcoming party we were organizing of Raila..I never talked about swearing in,” Miguna said.

He went on to say Jubilee is always excited when he travels accusing Jubilee Party of publishing his boarding pass on social media.

Miguna Miguna wondered if he needed permission from Wamatangi to visit his wife in Canada.

The ex-Nairobi gubernatorial candidate has assured NASA supporters that Raila will be sworn in as the peoples president on 30 January.

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