Is The Real Jimmy Wanjigi ‘Dead’


An obituary of a man with striking resemblance to Raila Odinga’s ally Jimmy Wanjigi has got Kenyans on social media talking of possible ill motives from some quarters.

The man whose name has been given as James Richard Wanjagi-almost the same as Jimmy Wanjigi-died on 30 January, same day NASA leader was being sworn in as the ‘People President’.

Mention of Kwacha Industries on Wanjagi’s obituary was enough to make social media users join the dots on who was being refereed too. Kwacha Group of Companies is an umbrella of several businesses owned by businessman Jimmy Wamjigi.

Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi shared this on his social media page:

Jimmy Wanjigi in today’s Nation paper Obituaries. Looks like they want to assassinate him and NIS is doing ground testing. Now you see how Kenyan media works with Jubilee and why not to take Githeri media serious.

Is The Real Jimmy Wanjigi ‘Dead’
Jimmy Wanjigi children, just like Jimmy Richard Wanjagi’s, school at the prestigious Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland.

What a coincidence.

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